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Now you can buy a t-shirt, cap or hoodie with both the new and the retro Bónus pig.

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A clothing line that makes everything better

An incredibly cool clothing line that complements and delights all those who wear it and those who have the honor of seeing others in this haute couture! ?

– The bonus pig

The story behind the updated bonus look

Change to the 30-year-old Bónus brand

Bonus new logo

Adaptation to modern times

The Bónus brand has today been renewed and transformed into a modern look with the well-known pig. Why tamper with something that has served us well? The pig has been unchanged for over 30 years and is now being refreshed for the first time. The piggy is now ready to adapt to the the digital journey ahead in our business.

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The nostalgia of the old piggy

Bonus store

Products marked with the old Bonus piglet

Now that we are saying goodbye to our 30 year old pig, we would like to offer our customers some products marked with the old pig. 

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We regularly publish news and announcements. Be sure to check out what's new with us.

Bonus the new pig

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